Approximately 25 Americans infected by the coronavirus on the cruise now stranded in Japan

In total, at least 136 people were attacked by the pathogen on the ship. The confirmed cases in the world are already more than 40,000.

Approximately 25 Americans infected by the coronavirus on the cruise now stranded in Japan


Febrero 11, 2020 12:31 hrs.
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There are already at least 25 US citizens who embarked on a cruise in Asia and have suffered the contagion of the coronavirus considered responsible for having caused an international health alert in recent weeks, the figure reflects an update released Monday by Princess Cruise, the Ship-owned shipping company. This has been moored in a port in Japan since last week, when the authorities of the Asian country ordered its quarantine on suspicion that the microbe could have infected some of the passengers on board.

The company reported that there are 66 new cases of contagion detected according to the indications of the Japanese health authorities. Previously, another 70 had been confirmed, out of a total of about 3,700 people aboard the cruise, between passengers and crew.

Princess Cruises reported that she is following ’the instructions of the Ministry of Health of Japan’ to apply to land the individuals attacked by the virus, who need health care.

A person with 60 years of American citizenship died last Thursday in a hospital in Wuhan, the Chinese city considered the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus, as confirmed by the US embassy in Beijing. It is the first fatality from this country; The authorities have not yet disseminated their identity.

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