135 cases of coronavirus recorded on cruise

José Antonio Alatorre tells how they are living inside the Diamond Princess cruise, quarantined by the coronavirus

135 cases of coronavirus recorded on cruise


Febrero 10, 2020 16:59 hrs.
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José Antonio Alatorre, one of the Mexicans who are aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, stranded in Japan for quarantine because of the coronavirus, explained Monday that 135 people have been diagnosed with the disease and have taken off the ship to be treated. José Antonio Alatorre said that everything was going well on his trip until February 3, when they were told that a passenger had tested positive for the coronavirus and that the Japanese authorities would no longer allow the landing until they made sure there were no more infected people.

’Today they reported 65 more cases, in total 135 infected people have taken off the ship to be treated in hospitals,’ Alatorre said.

José Antonio Alatorre explained that he and his wife are in an interior cabin and that, if they turn off the lights, at any time of the day, they remain completely dark. He pointed out that since February 3 they have only been able to leave their cabin twice, only for an hour, to the exterior corridors and in a coordinated manner with other passengers.

He said that they are not allowed to talk with other people or form groups and if they talk to someone, they should be done keeping a distance of at least two meters. He said that the captain of the cruise announced that as of today passengers in interior cabins will be allowed more time to sunbathe and air.

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